Diana Burdette

For Illinois State Rep District 60

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Paid for by the PEOPLES UNITY COMMITTEE.. Our financial reports are (or will be) on file with the State Board of Elections https://www.elections.il.gov/

Waukegan, IL 60085

‪(224) 303-4323‬


We are amazed at the support for a progressive movement in the 60th district. Support in every way is uplifting, but your support will truly go a long way. Our opponent has power and money beyond our understanding, but they are lacking something we have and they fear, and that is




They want us to remain in constant competition for the scraps of resources they drop on the floor for us, but by uniting all of our voices we rise above their strategy of keeping us down.


The way our political climate stands, it is clear that human decency is not on their list of priorities. Human life is being traded for money and we must activate the power that is within us and use it to light the fires of change.

Environmental issues are personal to me, but something that I have said since the beginning, and have been forced to stand by, is that the root cause is so much bigger. JUSTICE. Justice is what is lacking in all of our systems. Justice for the earth, justice for its people, justice for humanity. That is what WE are addressing today, tomorrow, and as long as we can continue to fight. It is time that all of our voices are brought to the table where policy determines our quality of living.

A life worth living is not a privilege. TOGETHER, WE CAN MOVE FORWARD AND #DEMANDOURRIGHT


Estamos sorprendidos por el apoyo de un movimiento progresivo en el distrito 60. Su apoyo realmente será de gran ayuda. Nuestro oponente tiene poder y dinero más allá de nuestro entendimiento, pero les falta algo que tenemos y temen, y eso es




Quieren que sigamos compitiendo constantemente por los restos de recursos que nos dejan en el piso, pero al unir todas nuestras voces nos elevamos por encima de su estrategia de mantenernos deprimidos.


En la forma en que se encuentra nuestro clima político, está claro que la decencia humana no está en su lista de prioridades. La vida humana se cambia por dinero y debemos activar el poder que está dentro de nosotros y usarlo para encender los fuegos del cambio.

Los problemas ambientales son personales para mí, pero algo que he dicho desde el principio, y que me he visto obligado a mantener, es que la causa raíz es mucho mayor. JUSTICIA. La justicia es lo que falta en todos nuestros sistemas. Justicia para la tierra, justicia para su gente, justicia para la humanidad. Eso es a lo que nos dirigimos hoy, mañana y mientras podamos seguir luchando. Es hora de que todas nuestras voces lleguen a la mesa donde la política determina nuestra calidad de vida.

Una vida que vale la pena vivir no es un privilegio. JUNTOS, PODEMOS MOVER HACIA ADELANTE Y

for State Representative Illinois District 60